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About Rebuilding Together
Greater Bismarck-Mandan Area

Rebuilding Together provides assistance for people who own their homes, but because of physical limitations or income, properly maintaining a home can be an impossible task.  Typically, these individuals have a disability and/or are elderly.

Many of our neighbors in the community cannot provide themselves with even the basics we take for granted.  Typical home improvements include replacing floors and carpeting, improving plumbing and heating, replacing unsafe electrical wiring, replacing kitchen appliances, installing handicap accessible devices and ramps, painting (exterior and interior), plaster repairs, replacing or repairing drafty windows and doors, installing smoke and CO2 detectors.  In addition to making your home safe, warm and dry, our volunteers also do yard work!

Board Members

At any given time 30 members may serve on the board.  They are able to serve on the board for two-year terms with a maximum of five terms.  These men and women are more than your everyday volunteers; they bring years of precise knowledge and experience to the organization.


2023-2024 Board Members

Executive Committee

  • President:  Mark Haag, MDU Resources

  • Vice President:  Destiny Voth, Gate City Bank

  • 2nd Vice President:  Amy Burke

  • Secretary: Tosha Steinwand, Choice Bank

  • Treasurer:  Shane Wothe, MDU Resources

  • Past President, Kelsi Hach, Rafter Realty


Board Members

  • Tammy Anderson, Empower[Ed] @ BPS Career Academy

  • Chris Boren, Lowe's

  • Greg Eckes, First International Bank & Trust

  • Marcie Fornshell, Front Street Millwork & Lumber

  • Titus Gietzen, Bravera Bank

  • Reggi Glueckert, Paramount Builders

  • Jerry Haas, Basin Electric

  • Julie Jeske, Bravera Bank

  • Kiana Maxon-Fred, Bravera Bank

  • Ryan McKay, Starion Bank

  • Bob McLeod, Retired

  • Nick Murphy, SMW Local 10 

  • Alegra Powers, North Dakota Game and Fish

  • Danielle Raymond, Lowe's

  • Fritz Schwindt, Retired

  • Joy Smith, US Bank

  • Meggan Wahl, Kilde Construction

  • Thea Ward Jorgensen, ND National Guard


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